Sample Syllabi | Teaching Experience

I have had the privilege of working with students in a variety of learning communities: at the University of Toronto (as a Grader in the Philosophy Department), at Yale (as a Teaching Fellow in the Philosophy Department), and at Western Oregon University (as a Writing Consultant at the Writing Center and as a Philosophy Tutor at the Academic Advising and Learning Center).

I recently taught Introduction to the Philosophy of Education (as sole instructor) during Yale’s Summer Session. You can access the course syllabus  here.

Sample Syllabi

Introduction to Ancient Philosophy (introductory undergraduate course)
Introduction to Early Modern Philosophy (introductory undergraduate course)
The Value of Education (intermediate/advanced undergraduate course)
Plato’s Euthydemus and Protagoras (graduate course/advanced undergraduate course)

Teaching Experience (see my CV for a complete list)

As instructor of record/sole instructor at Yale

Introduction to the Philosophy of Education (Summer Session A 2017)

As teaching assistant at Yale

Introduction to Modern Philosophy: Descartes to Kant (for Keith DeRose | Spring 2017)
The Elements of Greek Grammar(for Kyle Conrau-Lewis | Fall 2017)
Introduction to Ethics (for Shelly Kagan | Spring 2016)
Introduction to Ancient Philosophy (for Brad Inwood | Fall 2015)
Introduction to Philosophy of Religion (for John Hare | Spring 2015)
Introduction to Ancient Philosophy (for Verity Harte | Fall 2014)

[pictured: some students from my Intro to Philosophy of Education. On the final day of class, I asked them to create a mind map to the course that covered the questions and topics we had discussed during our seminars. Here is one group posing with their creation. Shared with permission.]